Use Your Brand Personality to Enhance Your User Experience

Use Your Brand Personality to Enhance Your User Experience

A functional and reliable product are not, and will not, be your differentiators. A pleasurable user experience can and very well may be. Honing in on the key traits that make up your brand personality will enhance your users’ experiences.

What’s brand personality?

[blockquote source=”Investopedia”]A set of human characteristics that are attributed to a brand name. Customers are more likely to purchase a brand if its personality is similar to their own.[/blockquote]

I don’t use GrubHub over Seamless because I can order food online. I’m able to successfully order food online using both. I use GrubHub over Seamless because I enjoy my experience with GrubHub more. Why? I just feel better using GrubHub. They’re casual, trust-worthy, playful, funny and reliable – All of which are characteristics I resonate with.

Options empower trust

While Seamless requires me to register for an account upon check-out, GrubHub gives me options. I can either create an account or check-out as guest. This casual approach to check-out empowers trust and enables convenience. I’m able to quickly try the app without feeling apprehensive about where my information is being stored. That’s a more pleasurable User Experience in of itself.


Emotion-based design makes the User Experience more human

I use GrubHub because they’re funny and I’m a fan of comedy. Their pre check-out landing page is lightly peppered with witty messaging. I lol’d when I read the hyperlink at the bottom: “No thanks, I don’t like convenience.” Since I’ve read that line, I must’ve told at least 3 friends about it and now I’m writing this post about it. Simple and really effective. Here’s a screen-shot:


GrubHub Customer Experience Example
GrubHub pre check-out experience uses light, playful messaging with a big, positive impact


Consistency is key

Their look-and-feel is aligned with their casual and playful personality. They use greens and pastels, rounded corners and playful paper cut-out images throughout. This consistency across tone and visual is key to building trust with an audience, thereby taking the user’s experience to the next level.


GrubHub User Experience Case Study
GrubHub’s look-and-feel is aligned with their casual and playful brand personality


Now I’m not saying you should hire a witty copywriter, add playful messaging and tack on mascots onto your product’s landing page. That’s not it at all. I’m proposing that you let your brand’s personality shine through in your product’s experience.


  1. Identify the 5-7 personality traits that make up your brand. For example, let’s say these are: Trustworthy, innovative, casual, competent, sincere.
  2. Use these traits to revisit your product’s UX (content, creative and interactive) assets. Some sample questions you should ask yourself:
    • How’s the tone of our messaging? Is it casual and sincere enough? Is it contrived?
    • Do our brand colors truly capture ‘trustworthy’? Maybe the red is too bold and out-of-sync with our brand personality?
    • Does our font represent innovation and competence? Or is it too playful?
    • Given we’ve identified innovative as one of our key personality traits, should we revisit our site architecture and make sure it’s mobile optimized?


This exercise will help you align your product’s UX assets so the brand personality traits you’re most proud of will shine through. Customers that share these same personality traits will find you, stay with you, tell their friends about you, and blog about you (while they should be sleeping as they have work early the next morning).


Author: Husam

Husam Machlovi has pitched to, and developed relationships with, top Fortune 100 companies. He's designed digital experiences that have generated millions in revenue. At his company, With Pulp, he leads Product Strategy & Design where he crafts product stories and interfaces that people love.

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