Typography: Free Gotham and Sentinel Substitutions

I’m a big fan of Gotham and Sentinel. Both fonts work really well in isolation or when paired. I find the pairing works especially well when Gotham leads (headers, sub-heads) and Sentinel supports (paragraphs, list items).

Gotham & Sentinel Pairing

Here’s an example of the pairing in an agency theme I’m currently designing:


By the way, notice how KILLER Sentinel looks when italicized?

This awesome font combo costs about $99/year though. I can’t possibly ask customers to spend that much for a theme purchase. And so began my search for free alternatives.

Droid Sans & Droid Serif

I found refuge in Droid Sans and Droid Serif. Droid Sans to sub in for Gotham and Droid Serif to sub in for Sentinel. Here’s a look:


Gotham & Sentinel VS Droid Sans & Droid Serif

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the two pairs:


I didn’t touch any CSS for this side-by-side. This makes the differences between the two fonts a lot more apparent.

I do favor the Gotham and Sentinel pairing slightly more. However, the Droid Serif and Sans combo comes close and frankly, it delivers: It’s legible, consistent and free. I’m confident that CSS tweaks in the letter-spacing, font-sizes and line-heights will get the Droid combo to where it needs to be for the overall look-and-feel.

Author: Husam

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