Increase User Engagement by Rewarding Interactions

EDIT: An updated version of this article that includes GIFs was published on UXMag. You can read it here.

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Rewards fuel our motivation. They let us know we’re doing something right and enable us to continue on our quest to learn something new or achieve a goal. A variable schedule of rewards, those received unexpectedly, are even more effective at this because naturally, humans crave predictability. We look for patterns everywhere to try to make sense of the world. When we receive a reward unexpectedly, our minds work to identify the causality so we can receive that reward (and those positive feelings) again. Continue reading “Increase User Engagement by Rewarding Interactions”

Use Your Brand Personality to Enhance Your User Experience

A functional and reliable product are not, and will not, be your differentiators. A pleasurable user experience can and very well may be. Honing in on the key traits that make up your brand personality will enhance your users’ experiences. Continue reading “Use Your Brand Personality to Enhance Your User Experience”

QuizUp: A Unique Content Marketing Opportunity

To build onto Contently’s article on chat apps and their content marketing potential, let’s look at the content marketing possibilities with QuizUp. Firstly, some contextual info on the app: Continue reading “QuizUp: A Unique Content Marketing Opportunity”