Real Leadership is Built on Trust


Being positive all the time doesn’t work

If you think always having a smile on your face will boost or maintain team morale, you’re wrong. It will work for some time, however, when cracks begin to show you’ll find yourself on the receiving end of really tough questions like “were you aware of this?” and “why didn’t you let us know sooner?”

This puts you in a worse place than you would be in if you just spoke up about the issues at hand. It’s not easy to open up about problems because you don’t want your team to get discouraged. However, having your team temporarily upset is so much better than having your team distrust you.

If you think you can handle the problems better than anyone else on your team can, you’re wrong

Being married to the products I lead, I take losses really badly. My engineers could walk away from failed investor relationships and prospective client work. I can’t.

Real Leadership is Built on Trust

Your team doesn’t need a hero to rally them into war with an epic speech. They need a can-do attitude that’s built on strategy, action and most importantly trust.

  • Trust maximizes communication
  • Trust lets us make more mistakes
  • Trust empowers patience

Involve your teammates in the hard problems and show them the power of trust.

Author: Husam

Husam Machlovi has pitched to, and developed relationships with, top Fortune 100 companies. He's designed digital experiences that have generated millions in revenue. At his company, With Pulp, he leads Product Strategy & Design where he crafts product stories and interfaces that people love.

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