Inspired by Nature: Color Palettes


Mother Nature is an endless source of inspiration. Sometimes I turn to nature consciously to help me solve creative problems. Other times, I stumble onto something in nature serendipitously. Yesterday at the beach was an example of the latter.

While walking by the water with my girlfriend, I found a seashell with a breathtaking arrangement of purples, blues and browns.

Seashell with a beautiful arrangement of purples, blues and browns

Being the design-nerd I am, I immediately thought “I need to digitize this color palette.”

Color Palette

When I got home, I imported the photo of the sea-shell into Photoshop and sampled the colors. Here’s the finished palette:

Color palette inspired by a seashell

Normally, finding colors that blend well together takes hours. In this case, it took a total of 15 minutes. I spent more time setting up my project file than arriving at the palette.

Maybe I won’t have the opportunity to use these colors as they are. That’s okay because at the very least, I have broadened my imagination and creative toolkit. And this is all thanks to Mother Nature’s works of wonder. There’s a beautiful quote by Richard Feynman on the infinite creativity of Mother Nature:

“The imagination of nature is far, far greater than the imagination of man. For instance, how much more remarkable it is for us all to be stuck-half of us upside down — by a mysterious attraction, to a spinning ball that has been swinging in space for billions of years, than to be carried on the back of an elephant supported on a tortoise swimming in a bottomless sea.” -Richard Feynman

Inspirational Resources

Earth View

Google’s Earth View is a giant collection of the most striking images found through Google Earth. Clicking through it provides beautiful combinations of colors and textures.

husammachlovi-inspired-by-nature-earth-view-manama husammachlovi-inspired-by-nature-earth-view-niger husammachlovi-inspired-by-nature-earth-view-niger

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