Timeboxing Will Increase Your Productivity

Timeboxing is when you allocate a fixed time period to a planned activity. In my experience, this is the most cost-effective way to increase productivity. After all, it’s FREE.

I discovered timeboxing years back as a Digital Strategist putting together pitch presentations on very tight timelines. I needed time management solutions to make the most use of my time. Continue reading “Timeboxing Will Increase Your Productivity”

You can NEVER plan enough; Become adaptable

Planning is important. You need to determine the tools and resources you’ll need. You need to identify all of the project’s dependancies. You need to recognize the roadblocks that lay ahead. You need to create a schedule with executable tasks. You need to do all of this.. roughly.

A perfect plan does not exist. Dare I iterate over the famous adage by Voltaire and say, a perfect plan is the enemy of the good plan. In other words, you need to move and take your first step forward. Better now when you’re healthy and able. The fact is, once you embark on the execution part of your journey, you WILL be faced with unexpected events. This is part of the process. On this shaky terrain of unforeseen circumstances you will strengthen two critical skills: Patience and perseverance. Continue reading “You can NEVER plan enough; Become adaptable”

Psychology driven UX: Faces and the baby-face bias

This post is one chapter of my upcoming ebook “Psychology-First UX”. The ebook will focus on psychological principles that maximize the emotion in your design and increase user engagement. We’ll start with the basics – Leveraging faces and the baby-face bias to make your website’s experience more enjoyable. Continue reading “Psychology driven UX: Faces and the baby-face bias”

Use Your Brand Personality to Enhance Your User Experience

A functional and reliable product are not, and will not, be your differentiators. A pleasurable user experience can and very well may be. Honing in on the key traits that make up your brand personality will enhance your users’ experiences. Continue reading “Use Your Brand Personality to Enhance Your User Experience”

Ship with Data Discovery as the Goal

It’s easy to get caught up in the margins. The burger icon vs the ‘MENU’ icon. The “Buy now” vs “Go ahead and try us out!” CTA copy.

Though, if we’re being honest with ourselves, it’s fear that we’re caught up in. Fear that all the hard work we input will amount to nothing. No one will listen, care, talk, purchase.

How do people do it? How do they put out their products? Continue reading “Ship with Data Discovery as the Goal”

QuizUp: A Unique Content Marketing Opportunity

To build onto Contently’s article on chat apps and their content marketing potential, let’s look at the content marketing possibilities with QuizUp. Firstly, some contextual info on the app: Continue reading “QuizUp: A Unique Content Marketing Opportunity”