Bravery Manifesto

To have my chin up even when I don’t know where I’m going
To listen because I’m heard
To help because I’m able
To be excited for others because together, we’re powerful
To share because I’m privileged
To laugh at myself because sometimes things just happen
To be okay with maybes and I don’t knows
To more quickly adapt because this is the quickest path to growth

A Simple Question To Keep Us Moving Forward

Solving any problem successfully requires continuous action despite all difficulties.

Sometimes difficulty arises as doubt. A single doubt can quickly manifest into debilitating fear. It can entrap us in a negative mindset that nudges us back into our old habits of resistance.

We should greet each doubt with a friendly curiosity that asks “what’s the simplest thing we can do next?” This simple tactic helps us see doubt for what it is — A guide for the next possible action. And by continuously deflecting doubt through action, we can continue our movement towards success.