Typography: Free Gotham and Sentinel Substitutions

I’m a big fan of Gotham and Sentinel. Both fonts work really well in isolation or when paired. I find the pairing works especially well when Gotham leads (headers, sub-heads) and Sentinel supports (paragraphs, list items).

Gotham & Sentinel Pairing

Here’s an example of the pairing in an agency theme I’m currently designing:


By the way, notice how KILLER Sentinel looks when italicized?

This awesome font combo costs about $99/year though. I can’t possibly ask customers to spend that much for a theme purchase. And so began my search for free alternatives.
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Inspired by Nature: Color Palettes

Mother Nature is an endless source of inspiration. Sometimes I turn to nature consciously to help me solve creative problems. Other times, I stumble onto something in nature serendipitously. Yesterday at the beach was an example of the latter.

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A Framework for Accelerated Learning

I’ve been really interested in maximizing learning over the past year and a half. I’ve studied and tested learning principles by Tim Ferris and Josh Waitzkin. Now, I’m on a quest to develop a learning framework that helps me learn any skill in the shortest amount of time.

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